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The wonder of a preposition: God with us

I hope it’s quiet where you are.  I love Christmas Eve: all the hustling around slows, the stores are closed, the traffic empties, and it’s still.  

Tonight, in churches and homes, we light candles in the darkness.  We acknowledge that our world is broken and recognize that God in Jesus can set things right again.

In a world that’s seem as cold and cruel as the one into which Jesus was born, we spark not just a candle but a deeper hope that God will not allow the world to remain this way.  Someone is doing something about it – God has come in Jesus.

Incarnation; God with us – this is is the wonder we’re invited to ponder; this is the God we’re called to worship.

Think about the marvel of the nativity.  How did God fit all of his divinity into a fresh, dimply baby?  How did deity and DNA mix and mingle?  And what kind of God would do this?  What kind of God entrusts himself to a teenage mother, who comes near to us by letting us hold him, who is so vulnerable and risks letting us hurt him?

Of course, the more wonder-filled question is why would God do this?  Why would God come to us this way?  Why would God set aside his greatness and majesty, humbling himself to come to us as an utterly dependent baby?  Unless this is greatness and majesty.

Merry Christmas to all. May the bright hope, wonder, and joy of God with us in Jesus be with you and yours.


Friday photos

I’ve been trying to squeeze in as many opportunities in the mountains as possible.  Here’s a few photos from last week’s ski adventure at Lake Louise.

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Friday photos

Last weekend we stole away to Banff for our family’s annual weekend away (to celebrate the Dutch festival of Sinterklaas – not quite the exact date but we’re not purists on this one).  While in Banff, we found out the World Cup women’s downhill race was going on at Lake Louise and took in the event.  What a great time, especially watching U.S. skier Lindsay Vonn demolish the rest of the field, beating her nearest competitor by nearly two seconds (a lifetime in downhill skiing).  Here’s a couple of photos of Vonn finishing the race.

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