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Friday photos

It’s tillandsia usneoides, more commonly known as Spanish moss, a lovely, lilting epiphyte that not only absorbs nutrients and water from the air but catches sunset light in perfect fire-like hues.

Spanish mossSunset mossMoss like wireMoss on fire

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Nice kudos

It’s the award season – Golden Globes and Grammys done; Academy Awards next up.  But have you heard of the Hearts and Minds Best Books Awards?best-of-2012

I know, doesn’t quite have the broad cultural reach of the Oscars or Grammys but if you want to know what is worth reading (largely in Christian publishing), you need to check out Byron Borger’s Hearts and Minds blog and the Best Books Awards.  Byron is a bookstore owner in Pennsylvania and all-round book lover.  He’s a judicious voice on Christian books worth paying attention and money for.

And I just found out that my book, Seeking God’s Face, was given the nod for Best Devotional Book (a tie with a devotional book for those on the journey through cancer).

No little statue for my mantel but nice kudos nonetheless.  You can check out Byron’s Best Books of 2012 list here.

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