God's great mirth

Gilbert Keith Chesterton, a great and merry soul, called joy the gigantic secret of the Christian life.  Near the end of his classic, beautiful book Orthodoxy, he writes on the veiled joy he finds in Jesus: "The tremendous figure which fills the Gospels towers in this respect, as in every other, above all the thinkers… Continue reading God's great mirth

Joy portrait, v.2

Just back from holidays on the West Coast of Canada and catching up on some blogging. Today, I'll keep it simple.  Here's what I think joy might look like. It's Lily on a rocky beach of the west coast of Vancouver Island, surrounded by sea and sunshine.  We walked down a path near our cabin,… Continue reading Joy portrait, v.2

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Just delight

I spoke with a friend at church a few weeks back about this blog and the 90 day experiment.  We talked of the wrestling match he's finding himself in during this 90 day of living in joy - how to live with gladness in a broken and hurting world.  He talked about his genuine struggle… Continue reading Just delight

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As I keep with the 90 day experiment in joy, quotations about joy and happiness keep leaping out and grabbing me.  Here's a quick sampling for good quotes that keep building the convincing case that we are made for joy: "It is the decided opinion of all who use their brains, that all people desire to… Continue reading Quotables