Reordered love, reordered lives

I’ve been reading a book I picked up when I browsed through the University of Chicago bookstore.  It’s by David Naugle, professor of philosophy at Dallas Baptist University, and is called Reordered Love, reordered lives: learning the deep meaning of happiness.

What a really fine book this is (you can learn more about the book here).  Do you want to sort through either the presence or lack of joy in your life – look to your heart and examine what it is you love.  Then you’ll have a clearer picture of joy in your life because so often our lack of joy is rooted in a disordered heart, one that has given itself away to things, experiences and people that can never live up to the true needs of the heart’s longing for joy.  Instead, Naugle, drawing on the rich Christian tradition and current cultural reflection, presents the case that the only basis for genuine human happiness and flourishing is found in our relationship with God who re-orders our heart’s loves.

Check it out – this is a wise and lovely book, and comes with helpful discussion questions at the end.  Read it with some friends and talk honestly about where your heart is at and let God re-order your loves and so transform your life.

1 thought on “Reordered love, reordered lives”

  1. Sounds like a great book! I’ll have to pick it up. Thanks for the book review! Hope you are enjoying your vacation.

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