Friday photos

I really need to stop calling these things Friday photos - that's the goal but life doesn't always schedule itself neatly.  This week I got all touch-feely, gravitating towards the texture of things.  I love the amazing array of tactile wonders before us every day in these images.

Friday photos – “like these pancakes young one you will.”

You've probably heard the stories of Jesus showing up in a pancake.  Because its obviously a family trait, his mother Mary has also been spotted in similar guise.  These spiritual sightings are not limited to any one food group because there's been sightings of Mother Teresa in the famous but disputed "nun bun" or the grilled cheese… Continue reading Friday photos – “like these pancakes young one you will.”

New atheists, old questions.

You know the new atheists - Dawkins, Hitchins, Harris, Dennett, Stenger.  All have published a number of books posing challenges to the Christian faith (and religion in general).  I think they're important and needed reading - too often my Christian tribe can spout off without having taken the time to listen well and sympathetically to… Continue reading New atheists, old questions.

Technologies and intimacies

There's an intriguing new book out by professor Sherry Turkle called Alone Together: why we expect more from technology and less from each other.  She's exploring how use of technology shapes our relationships, wondering what will be the impact of importing "the technologies of efficiency into our intimacies."  My take is that she's not real… Continue reading Technologies and intimacies