Friday photos – “like these pancakes young one you will.”

You’ve probably heard the stories of Jesus showing up in a pancake.  Because its obviously a family trait, his mother Mary has also been spotted in similar guise.  These spiritual sightings are not limited to any one food group because there’s been sightings of Mother Teresa in the famous but disputed “nun bun” or the grilled cheese Virgin (which fetched a handsome $28,000 US on eBay), Cheetoh Jesus, Tortilla Christ, and the list goes on.  Seriously?  Why do people feel the need to find a basis or verification for their deeply held faith commitments in peculiar food sightings?  Perhaps you find my lack of faith disturbing but I thought a really good meal along with a fine glass of wine or lager was a persuasive enough argument for the existence of a good and loving God.  Or a really good pancake.

So check out what shows up on our breakfast table this weekend – seems George Lucas is not content with theatrical special effects but is now trying to emulate deity.  Yoda, Darth Vader, an Imperial Storm trooper and then, oddly enough, Mickey.

Well, it’s Family day weekend here in Alberta (I love a province that decided we needed a holiday in February) and our usual Saturday morning ritual is for me to make pancakes for breakfast.  I started making the pancakes into animal shapes and letters and then Betty upped my game by picking up some very fun, and finicky, Star Wars pancake forms (the Mickey Mouse pancake, obviously, needed no form).  My first try a few weeks ago was a debacle but this morning’s results turned out pretty good (and if you look really closely I think you can even spot the visage of George Lucas in the Mickey Mouse pancake).

P.S. Check out the “yoda-speak” translator – get you speaking Yodish in no time.

2 thoughts on “Friday photos – “like these pancakes young one you will.””

  1. Dear Sir,
    I have a copy of “Seeking God’s Face” & it’s great. Good job & much success.
    , respectfully submitted
    William Boyd Shelley

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