Can I have my quinoa and the Andean farmer eat it too?

"If you are dependent on people who don't know you, who control the value of your necessities, you are not free, and you are not safe."  Wendell Berry, "Sex, Economy, Freedom and Community." The irony of it is staggering and sobering - and, please, may it lead us to serious reconsideration of our economic habits… Continue reading Can I have my quinoa and the Andean farmer eat it too?

A saint, a dude and an ordinary joe

A saint is one who exaggerates what the world neglects. G. K. Chesterton No, Virginia, that paunchy, red-suited, white-bearded stranger who breaks into people’s houses once a year is not real - he’s an imposter, a sham and serves as the front-man for the consumer empire we live in. But yes, Virginia, Saint Nicholas is… Continue reading A saint, a dude and an ordinary joe

The end of my carnal affair

C.S. Lewis described his conversion to Christianity this way: "I was dragged kicking and screaming into the Kingdom of God." Those are words that describe my reluctant conversion towards a vegetarian diet. The simple truth is I love being a carnivore. BBQ ribs, chicken masala, grilled Alberta steak, souvlaki skewers, pulled pork sandwich, cedar-plank salmon,… Continue reading The end of my carnal affair