I dare you to do something little

When many little people in many little places do many little things, then the whole world changes, but sometimes not fast enough for me.  Michael Franti We can do small things with great love.  Mother Theresa I have a gift for you, one I hope you’ll gratefully receive.  I want to give you a sleepless… Continue reading I dare you to do something little

Keep going

It's Monday, a devil day for pastors.  After a busy Sunday of putting yourself out there, discouragement can settle in and grumbling growls in your soul.  I call them "Maple Mondays" because they can be moments I rue the day I didn't follow my dad and brothers into the family company (it's called Maple-Reinders). If you're… Continue reading Keep going

Friday photos

I walked home the other night, in the daylight-savings-time early evening darkness, with sidewalks still strewn with leaves.  I felt like a little kid swishing through boot-deep mounds, the lovely sound of all that thrashing and rustling, the lingering pleasure of a lasting autumn.