Ditch the resolutions for a rule

January 1 - an entire shiny new year lying ahead, 365 calendar squares of unmarked living. It screams of so much potential. Who knows what might happen in those days? What sort of life may unfold? Who might you become in this year? And to give voice to that deep desire for change, this time… Continue reading Ditch the resolutions for a rule

Keep going

It's Monday, a devil day for pastors.  After a busy Sunday of putting yourself out there, discouragement can settle in and grumbling growls in your soul.  I call them "Maple Mondays" because they can be moments I rue the day I didn't follow my dad and brothers into the family company (it's called Maple-Reinders). If you're… Continue reading Keep going

The flip side of “why me?”

Human suffering is the great gadfly for every philosophy, worldview, religion and person.  How each responds to the problem of suffering is emblematic of its spiritual depth and humanity. Whenever suffering intrudes into our lives, a very personal question quickly surfaces - “why me?”  Why is the universe picking on me, hand delivering this misery? … Continue reading The flip side of “why me?”

70 is the new 100: the counter-intuitive folly of great expectations

Jim Collins observed that "good is the enemy of great," launching people, leaders and organizations on a relentless pursuit of greatness.  But has anyone taken the time to properly assess this maxim?  Greatness is, by definition, exceptional, and therefore an exception.  If we all achieved greatness, we'd need to redefine greatness because it would all… Continue reading 70 is the new 100: the counter-intuitive folly of great expectations