Friday photos – the city is a gallery

While Toronto has an assortment of very fine galleries and a bevy of smaller galleries, I'm convinced the whole city is a gallery.  And I don't simply mean the architecture, the built form of the city or the design of the urban landscape (which is a beautiful thing on its own). I mean, quite literally,… Continue reading Friday photos – the city is a gallery

Friday photos

Cue up Vivaldi (the "Danza Pastorale," aka, Concerto No. 3 in F major, or more commonly known as "Autumn") and the Four Seasons.     It's fall and where I'm living there's a slow explosion of colour (unlike the variation on dun that I've gotten used to the past years).       Interesting to… Continue reading Friday photos

The flip side of “why me?”

Human suffering is the great gadfly for every philosophy, worldview, religion and person.  How each responds to the problem of suffering is emblematic of its spiritual depth and humanity. Whenever suffering intrudes into our lives, a very personal question quickly surfaces - “why me?”  Why is the universe picking on me, hand delivering this misery? … Continue reading The flip side of “why me?”