Friday photos

Cue up Vivaldi (the “Danza Pastorale,” aka, Concerto No. 3 in F major, or more commonly known as “Autumn”) and the Four Seasons.



It’s fall and where I’m living there’s a slow explosion of colour (unlike the variation on dun that I’ve gotten used to the past years).




Interesting to note that the autumn change in colours is actually an unmasking, with the leaves showing their original, true hues.







As trees hunker down for the winter and pull energy inward, chlorophyll gradually recedes along with its green pigment and the fall palette of trees is splashed around in all its glory.

Along with a few images of the fall fireworks, a poem from Luci Shaw.

Does Fall Go Back?
Does Fall go back as far as Eden? Did the
Lord God say, “Good” to a beech leaf
bleached back to its primary yellow? Did
Eve dance, entranced, when the first
leaves on the first oak turned red as wine
and loosed themselves? Did Adam rake
the ground clean and burn the leaves
after his other Garden work?

6 thoughts on “Friday photos”

  1. Fall is the only thing I miss about living in southern BC. The pictures are beautiful reminders of some lovely falls I enjoyed in Ontario and Michigan.

  2. I loved the pictures, Phil and Luci Shaw was a dear friend. Thank you for including one of her delicate and well crafted poems. How I wish I could join you all for the Missionary Conference. I shall be praying for you and with you and on my way to Colombia to finish the school year at the Seminary with Jack. God bless you all. Mary Anne

    1. Thanks Mary Anne – didn’t know about your friendship with Luci. I love her work. You’ll be missed this year – hope you and Jack are well.

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