Will my smartphone make me stupid?

Hello again - I've been absent for a while, dealing with a major life transition (same wife and kids - thank God - but new job, new location, and what feels like a new life).  But enough dust has settled and boxes unpacked to make writing possible.  So here we go: **************************************************** http://youtu.be/jdpQir1sqiQ I’m moving… Continue reading Will my smartphone make me stupid?

Calvin and Hobbes meet science and faith

Instead of the usual Friday photos I'm posting a few Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strips.  On a recent stop in Portland's Powells Books, I added a few more volumes to my collection.  Calvin and Hobbes is the simply the most brilliant, witty and visually beautiful comic strip published.  Named after the theologian and philosopher, Calvin and Hobbes engages… Continue reading Calvin and Hobbes meet science and faith

Technologies and intimacies

There's an intriguing new book out by professor Sherry Turkle called Alone Together: why we expect more from technology and less from each other.  She's exploring how use of technology shapes our relationships, wondering what will be the impact of importing "the technologies of efficiency into our intimacies."  My take is that she's not real… Continue reading Technologies and intimacies