Calvin and Hobbes meet science and faith

Instead of the usual Friday photos I’m posting a few Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strips.  On a recent stop in Portland’s Powells Books, I added a few more volumes to my collection.  Calvin and Hobbes is the simply the most brilliant, witty and visually beautiful comic strip published.  Named after the theologian and philosopher, Calvin and Hobbes engages with hilariously astute observations on the human condition, theological/philosophical arguments in micro form, and the capacity to usher you into the wild and wonderful imagination of a child (Forget any of the parenting books on the market, Calvin and Hobbes is my choice for best authority for understanding my son, providing uncannily accurate front-line reports from inside the thinking and imagination a very precocious 6 year old).

Heading off to Regent College’s Pastor Science project, I’ve put a few strips of Calvin and Hobbes connected to science.  There’s a playfulness and humour here that I’m pretty sure has to be part of both the scientific and theological project.  I love the crazy conversations Calvin and his Dad have – as a scientific lay person, his Dad’s explanations work pretty well for me.   My favourite line comes from Calvin in the first strip – “That’s the whole problem with science.  You’ve got a bunch of empiricists trying to describe things of unimaginable wonder.”



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