Friday photos

I love how a change in perspective opens up new vistas, new ways of seeing, helping me to spy things I mostly miss.  Feeling a deep need for God's good guidance, I'm going to allow my camera to help my heart nurture a more intent upward gaze.

The eighth deadly sin?

I think we need to update the list of deadly sins - and  I vote that shopping just might be the greatest modern enemy to living the Jesus life. The church in North America is in such a dangerous place and we hardly know it.  We exist in an environment of consumerism; it's the air we… Continue reading The eighth deadly sin?

Seeking God’s Face … in prison and beyond

One of the lovely surprises of having a book published is watching where it turns up, who is reading it and how it is connecting with people. There's a prison ministry at Ionia Correctional Facility in Michigan that is using my daily prayerbook Seeking God's Face.  The chaplain, Richard Rienstra writes that the book is being… Continue reading Seeking God’s Face … in prison and beyond

Friday photos

Summer is ending ugly here in Calgary.  And today, the unthinkable (although highly probable in upper-altitude Calgary) - the S word!  I can't bring myself to say that which shall not (yet) be named. So how about a photo from a good hike on a better day.