Friday photos

It was a gorgeous late summer evening last night – crystal clear night sky, nearly full moon, cool but comfortable temperatures.  Betty and I were lounging on the back deck with a glass of wine when the night sky came alive.  The aurora borealis, aka. northern lights, made a rare appearance.  This is maybe the third or fourth time I’ve seen them in my years in Calgary so I badly wanted to wake Owen and Lily up to see them – but it was after 11:00 p.m.

The northern lights are a wonder, these swaying, sashaying curtains of light, endlessly changing form.  They are caused by collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere.  What was so remarkable was the strength of the northern lights on a full-moon evening in a major urban center with all sorts of light pollution.

I couldn’t help but clamber on top of the roof of our house to catch a few shots.

4 thoughts on “Friday photos”

  1. Gorgeous pictures! I once saw them when living in an appartment at Metrotown. I felt like God was putting on a special light show for me that night. I never felt both so close to God and so in awe of Him at the same time. As the Psalms say, the creation shouts aloud God’s presence to us.

  2. I’ve seen the northern lights in Calgary several times but only in black and white. What an awesome colourful show they gave you last night!

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