Seeking God’s Face … in prison and beyond

One of the lovely surprises of having a book published is watching where it turns up, who is reading it and how it is connecting with people.

There’s a prison ministry at Ionia Correctional Facility in Michigan that is using my daily prayerbook Seeking God’s Face.  The chaplain, Richard Rienstra writes that the book is being used by the community (Celebration Fellowship) both inside and outside the prison.  He says “The brothers are reading the book during “the count” of the inmates when they return to their cells for the “census.” The book is serving the “outside” partner-members as they are reading the same Scripture passages and uniting in similar prayers with one another. The “inside church” is living out its vision “to strive to be a worshipping community that glorifies God through the preaching of the word and liturgy so that worshippers may be inspired to transform all of life into worship…so that we become disciples of love, faith, hope, integrity and servant-hood in order to identify our gifts and exercise our calling.”

Check out this story of a returning citizen (former inmate) from Celebration Fellowship who is using the book along with others in his prison community.  Sweet!

Or check out blogger John Sutton’s post here about his experience with Seeking God’s Face.

2 thoughts on “Seeking God’s Face … in prison and beyond”

  1. I am a pastor in the UK and I have just started using your excellent prayer book. I have a copy of the compact edition, but was wondering if it is possible to get an ebook version for the kindle in the UK.
    Many thanks

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