Music to raise a pint or lift a prayer

Off to see Mumford and Sons tonight so thought I'd reprise an earlier post that I wrote on their music.  Really looking forward to seeing them live tonight (but can't share my excitement with Betty because she's too jealous - I don't think a t-shirt will be enough to repay her kindness).  Don't forget to… Continue reading Music to raise a pint or lift a prayer

Friday photos

The colour palette of autumn leaves here in the semi-arid, higher altitude zone of Western Canada is fairly mono-chromatic, a study in sepia.  I miss the wild explosions of colour back east and so here are a few photos of fall foliage I took in Ontario last year (and what is it about the blue… Continue reading Friday photos

The end of my carnal affair

C.S. Lewis described his conversion to Christianity this way: "I was dragged kicking and screaming into the Kingdom of God." Those are words that describe my reluctant conversion towards a vegetarian diet. The simple truth is I love being a carnivore. BBQ ribs, chicken masala, grilled Alberta steak, souvlaki skewers, pulled pork sandwich, cedar-plank salmon,… Continue reading The end of my carnal affair

Friday Photos

On a gorgeous Sunday autumn afternoon, we headed into the mountains searching out the golden Larches (that crazy conifer that has needles which turn colour and fall).  There were some beautiful coloured landscapes, and the golden larches, along with a momma Grizzly and two cubs.