Friday Photos

On a gorgeous Sunday autumn afternoon, we headed into the mountains searching out the golden Larches (that crazy conifer that has needles which turn colour and fall).  There were some beautiful coloured landscapes, and the golden larches, along with a momma Grizzly and two cubs.

5 thoughts on “Friday Photos”

  1. Phil,

    Great photos. I would love to make it back to Canada one day. I have enjoyed getting your blog. Hope you are well. It would be fun to catch up.


    1. Thanks Dathan – great to hear from you. You are welcome up in Canada anytime (you really need to check out the Banff area if you haven’t yet). Hope all is well your way.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Phil! Autumn colours are in full swing in Michigan, too. No grizzly bears here, though. I never even knew colourific Larches existed (my ecologist of a husband might have known, though).

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