Christmas: don’t be more spiritual than God

'The Word became flesh,' wrote John, 'and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.' (John 1:14). That is what incarnation means.  It is untheological.  It is unsophisticated.  It is undignified.  But according to Christianity it is the way things are. All religions and philosophies which deny the reality or the significance of the material,… Continue reading Christmas: don’t be more spiritual than God

Don’t mess with these grandmas

In our church during Advent we're entering into the lineage of Jesus, dwelling with the stories of the four women named in Matthew's genealogy.  As a disciple of Jesus, this is my family tree, my spiritual DNA, these strong women my faith grandmothers.  I love this genealogy, populated by wild and woolly risk-takers, most with… Continue reading Don’t mess with these grandmas

Sick of all that’s bent, bruised and broken

"Father, I am weary of all that is wrong with the world - murder of the innocents, a smeared and wrecked creation, tyrant-oppressed poor, hunger-withered children, exploited women, forgotten elderly, invisible homeless.  I long to see that all these enemies - yours and mine - will be, once for all, condemned, and all things crooked… Continue reading Sick of all that’s bent, bruised and broken

A saint, a dude and an ordinary joe

A saint is one who exaggerates what the world neglects. G. K. Chesterton No, Virginia, that paunchy, red-suited, white-bearded stranger who breaks into people’s houses once a year is not real - he’s an imposter, a sham and serves as the front-man for the consumer empire we live in. But yes, Virginia, Saint Nicholas is… Continue reading A saint, a dude and an ordinary joe