Friday photos

"Taste and see that the Lord is good," writes the Psalmist.  And this Toronto burger joint is helping me savour God's goodness in so many ways.   First off, finally I have a more than adequate replacement for my "In-N-out Burger" cravings ... and The Burger's Priest is better (I challenge all my Arizona and… Continue reading Friday photos

On wallflowers and kite-flying

Today is the greatest wall flower Christian celebration of all time and yet one of the most powerfully hopeful days - Ascension Day (admit it, you missed it, didn’t you?). I love this day for all sorts of reasons: it is the culmination of Christ’s ministry, it is the next stage of God’s mission, and… Continue reading On wallflowers and kite-flying

The new normal and Sabbath keeping: practicing 24/6

In the last post, I observed what I’m seeing as a changing worship pattern - twice a month as the new normal.  While these trends in worship patterns are interesting data to observe, the more important question is about how we practice Sabbath. The changing worship patterns are, in some measure, a reaction to the… Continue reading The new normal and Sabbath keeping: practicing 24/6