Friday photos

“Taste and see that the Lord is good,” writes the Psalmist.  And this Toronto burger joint is helping me savour God’s goodness in so many ways.  

First off, finally I have a more than adequate replacement for my “In-N-out Burger” cravings … and The Burger’s Priest is better (I challenge all my Arizona and California friends to come up for a taste test).  Seriously, the deep-fried, cheese-stuffed portobello mushrooms (the option) on top of your burger is a little sampler of that heavenly feast.

Now not only should this be enough, but the goodness here has a deeper savour.  The people behind The Burger’s Priest are really after redemption, fulfilling the priesthood of believers in the field of burgers.  Grilling up quality food, this is Old Testament worship at its best.   And lovely to see how wide open they are about their gospel convictions – check out this link to their website.  What’s not to love?

As their website says, “it’s time for redemption … come feast with us.”  I think I will – soon again and often.

4 thoughts on “Friday photos”

  1. ummmm, next meeting @ Knox when this pesky fasting things is over – THIS is where you are taking me for some funkiness, right?

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