Friday photos

For most of this week I’ve been burrowed away in a classroom, poring over the book of Romans with Dr. James Dunn (part of my doctoral studies).  But the family is along for the ride and we’re all staying at a friend’s cottage along the Bay of Fundy, allowing for some lovely clambering over rocks and driftwood along the beach.  Here’s a few images from our walk last night.

2 thoughts on “Friday photos”

  1. Phil, the rocky shore looks familiar. Sitting with a scholar like Dunn, who has so deeply immersed himself in the text must be a real exegetical and homiletical treat. Enjoy your time at Acadia and at the Point.

    1. Martin – wow, Dunn has almost been as amazing as the view from your place! We are having a great time – grey, wet weather mostly, but still really enjoying it.

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