Bullied by “pretty”

I read this punch-in-the-gut story in today's Globe and Mail of a young girl terribly bullied and driven to plastic surgery that made me want to scream! I'm not blaming the girl.  She's beaten down by a society sick with perfection.  I'm furious with this circus of painted-faces and altered bodies, ill with this illusion of… Continue reading Bullied by “pretty”

An icon for my existence

This image of my mother and me has become an icon of sorts for the divine love, a lens through which I can better understand something of God. I'm aware that God has revealed himself most clearly through the image of a father in the pages of scripture (although God does employ some maternal images). … Continue reading An icon for my existence

Friday photos

Roaming down the beach at a leisurely pace is our after-dinner ritual during holidays at the cottage, romping, splashing, staring and strolling until the sun sets on the day. The clouds have been particularly amazing to me this year. These cirrocumulus clouds were like a cotton-patch in the sky.  Or a come-to-life French Impressionist painting. But… Continue reading Friday photos