An icon for my existence

This image of my mother and me has become an icon of sorts for the divine love, a lens through which I can better understand something of God.

I’m aware that God has revealed himself most clearly through the image of a father in the pages of scripture (although God does employ some maternal images).  But I’m able to savour a glimpse of God’s heart through the lens of this image of my several month old self, held, nuzzled and loved by my mother.  I’m able to see the steady gaze of the Lord’s grace through it.

On birthdays (and it was mine today) we remember the when of a life; but far better to know the why of your life.

Why me?

Well, look at the picture – I am the beloved.

4 thoughts on “An icon for my existence”

  1. Happy Birthday Phil! What a wonderful picture and image of God’s love for us. Hope you had a great day and God’s blessings on the year to come.

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