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Free us from self-fascination

Lord Almighty, we say we want to serve you, we say we want to help others less fortunate than ourselves, we say we want justice.  But the truth is, we want power and status because we so desperately need to be loved.  Free us from our self-fascination and the anxious activity it breeds, so that we might be what we say we want to be – loved by you and thus capable of unselfish service.  Amen.

(Prayers Plainly Spoken, Stanley Hauerwas)


Friday photos – so long summer!

Spent the unofficial last day of summer getting ready for the September season, a little biking in High Park, kicking back along the lakefront, seeing who would win the ice cream war – me or the heat (I did but barely), and watching the snowbirds put an exclamation point on summer 2012.

A few images of the fading summer – give a listen to Bob Dylan’s “Summer Days” or Belle and Sebastian’s “A summer wasting” as you enjoy these photos.