Friday photos – so long summer!

Spent the unofficial last day of summer getting ready for the September season, a little biking in High Park, kicking back along the lakefront, seeing who would win the ice cream war – me or the heat (I did but barely), and watching the snowbirds put an exclamation point on summer 2012.

A few images of the fading summer – give a listen to Bob Dylan’s “Summer Days” or Belle and Sebastian’s “A summer wasting” as you enjoy these photos.


3 thoughts on “Friday photos – so long summer!”

  1. I loved the photos even without Bob Dylan in the background. But those ice cream photos!!! I so badly wanted to get a wet wash cloth out and keep hands and faces clean! I bet the kids are happy school is starting soon–though they definitely have not been allowed to get bored this eventful summer, have they!

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