Saying our prayers, part 2

So what in the world is praying a daily office?  At its pared down core, it is simply a form of prayer.  The daily office is a pattern of prayer and worship that is regularly practiced/offered to God at set times within the course of a single day.  It’s rooted in the simple reality that… Continue reading Saying our prayers, part 2

Passionate patience

One of Advent's big themes is waiting.  Not the expected December waiting in cashier queue's or mall parking-lot grid-lock.  You think that's bad, try waiting thousands of years for a slow-to-come King.  The hoping and waiting in Advent is for a world that works, the realization that life as we know it is too much… Continue reading Passionate patience

Are you ready?

Tomorrow starts the Christian season of Advent (from the Latin adventus, meaning “coming” or “arrival”).  I love Advent for being an invitation into a parallel but alternate reality to the usual December experience, which has morphed Christmas into something almost unrecognizable. Advent is the four-week season of preparation for the coming of Jesus at Christmas. … Continue reading Are you ready?