Friday photos

This week I took the kids for a walk around the University of Toronto.  It’s a gorgeous campus nestled in the centre of the city, filled with great architecture, wide greens to play and lounge on a spring day, and endless hallways to get lost in (not to mention the hall in Hart House that looks like the hall in Hogwarts).

5 thoughts on “Friday photos”

  1. Phil, really enjoy your shots of Toronto’s buildings and skyline. Never noticed the lovely gothic spire at Hart House before!

  2. Phil, on CBC Radio this morning, heard about an art exhibition and thought you might be interested: “Toronto-based photographer Michael Awad features his latest work that employs a variety of camera techniques to capture scenes from Toronto to Milan as part of the 2012 Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival. Michael’s exhibition ”Entire City Project” is showcased at Nicholas Metivier Gallery until May 19th.”

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