The new normal and Sabbath keeping: practicing 24/6

In the last post, I observed what I’m seeing as a changing worship pattern - twice a month as the new normal.  While these trends in worship patterns are interesting data to observe, the more important question is about how we practice Sabbath. The changing worship patterns are, in some measure, a reaction to the… Continue reading The new normal and Sabbath keeping: practicing 24/6

Twice (a month) – the new normal?

In my tradition, twice was the norm.  Growing up in the Christian Reformed Church, attending church twice every Sunday was a non-negotiable, a near creational given.  "Oncers" were deemed on a slippery slope to perdition, an accommodation to the ease of culture and all its entertainments (and how I desperately wanted to be a oncer… Continue reading Twice (a month) – the new normal?