That’s Synod with a y

My faith tribe, the Christian Reformed Church, is holding its annual Synod (meaning “assembly” from the Greek word συνοδος) in Grand Rapids, MI as you read this (if you’re a keener, you can watch it here).  It’s mostly a big family meeting where we huddle up to listen, discuss and decide on weighty, and not-so-weighty, issues, get a 35,000 foot view of the church as well as get bogged down in church order process, eat lots of food, sit for too long, meet people from across the globe that speak with a Reformed theological accent, and hopefully come home with a renewed sense of purpose for the church today.  I’ve been three times – it’s often tedious, sometimes funny and mostly an important part of what it means to be a community of faith that spans two nations.

Check out the video below that a few twenty somethings from Austin, TX put together about Synod.

1 thought on “That’s Synod with a y”

  1. That video is fantastic! We need more of this to get excited about what it means to be part of the CRC. I’m taking in parts of Synod via web cast. It’s interesting to hear the debates and to think about what they mean for my particular church. It’s also proving a great reminder that I’m part of a greater tribe!

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