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Friday photos

Winter has finally made an appearance in these parts, and its a beautiful thing.  I’ve missed the contrasting whiteness of snow along with the quilted layer of quiet it brings.  Let it snow!IMG_4049IMG_4090IMG_4041


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Seeking God’s Face

The publisher of my book Seeking God’s Face is offering a smokin’ hot deal.  Only one more day left – the deal shuts down tomorrow but you can order them here right now at Faith Alive.  Avoid sweating through the malls in a heavy winter coat and get a fine resource that will keep giving through til 2025 – what’s not to like about it.



Friday photos – “the age of decay”

“The age of decay” – that’s what a prophetic friend of mine calls the time we live in now, the harsh, mostly unwelcome recognition that entropy wins.  What is will wilt and fail us – our bodies, this groaning creation, the ones we love, the treasured dreams we clutch in this world will all break down and rot.

Not quite the jolly Christmas sentiment is it – but whoever said following Jesus was a cozy, sentimental thing.  And no matter how you feel about that, it’s the perfect Advent posture as it shifts our gaze from our hopes coming undone here to the dear desire of every nation – the coming of Christ again, who will usher in a stronger, more beautiful world, better than our deepest imaginings.  That’s why followers of Jesus always side with hope, living out the deep magic of God’s Kingdom already at work in this age of decay.

And hope give us the eyes to behold, even in the midst of decay, there is beauty.

A few images from the beautiful decay going on in my backyard – for you Paul.

IMG_3686 IMG_3693IMG_3688 IMG_3699


Friday photos

I walked home the other night, in the daylight-savings-time early evening darkness, with sidewalks still strewn with leaves.  I felt like a little kid swishing through boot-deep mounds, the lovely sound of all that thrashing and rustling, the lingering pleasure of a lasting autumn.

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Friday photos – the city is a gallery

While Toronto has an assortment of very fine galleries and a bevy of smaller galleries, I’m convinced the whole city is a gallery.  And I don’t simply mean the architecture, the built form of the city or the design of the urban landscape (which is a beautiful thing on its own).

I mean, quite literally, the city is a gallery.  Art is everywhere in the public space, making for intriguing and lovely spaces.  The other day I spent a few hours biking around my end of the city and it took a few hours to cover just blocks of the west end because I couldn’t stop snapping one shot after another of all the street art.  Too much city; too little time.

A few images, then, of the public gallery of Toronto (more to come since this is only the west side).


Friday photos

Cue up Vivaldi (the “Danza Pastorale,” aka, Concerto No. 3 in F major, or more commonly known as “Autumn”) and the Four Seasons.



It’s fall and where I’m living there’s a slow explosion of colour (unlike the variation on dun that I’ve gotten used to the past years).




Interesting to note that the autumn change in colours is actually an unmasking, with the leaves showing their original, true hues.







As trees hunker down for the winter and pull energy inward, chlorophyll gradually recedes along with its green pigment and the fall palette of trees is splashed around in all its glory.

Along with a few images of the fall fireworks, a poem from Luci Shaw.

Does Fall Go Back?
Does Fall go back as far as Eden? Did the
Lord God say, “Good” to a beech leaf
bleached back to its primary yellow? Did
Eve dance, entranced, when the first
leaves on the first oak turned red as wine
and loosed themselves? Did Adam rake
the ground clean and burn the leaves
after his other Garden work?


Friday photos – so long summer!

Spent the unofficial last day of summer getting ready for the September season, a little biking in High Park, kicking back along the lakefront, seeing who would win the ice cream war – me or the heat (I did but barely), and watching the snowbirds put an exclamation point on summer 2012.

A few images of the fading summer – give a listen to Bob Dylan’s “Summer Days” or Belle and Sebastian’s “A summer wasting” as you enjoy these photos.