Friday photos

Ah summer, it feels like we’re just getting familiar again.  I love having you around.  You sure know how to serve up a good time – carnivals and carousels, pools and cafe patios, lazy lounges on the lawn, tan lines, street and folk festivals, cricket chirps, iced coffees, garden produce, rope swings into a lake, barefoot strolls through the grass, baseball and biking and beaches, getting caught in the rain, summer berries, sweat-beaded beverages on the deck, camp fires, grilled steak, crashing the waves, sandals and shorts, kayaking, being a kid again, the welcome of shade on a hot day, early morning sunrises, the smell of fresh-cut grass, big, drippy ice-cream cones, lightning and thunderstorms, everything green and all that flora!

But dusk comes quicker now and it’s sometimes cool at night.  I realize you have other places to go – but feel free to linger awhile, alright?

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