The Hunger Games in Holy Week

While I walked through Holy Week, considering the cross and Christ’s sacrifice, I was also reading The Hunger Games.  With the recent cinematic splash of the movie version, I figured I better get up to speed and dove into the first book (I’m hooked so I’m reading through the whole trilogy). As I finished it… Continue reading The Hunger Games in Holy Week

Will my smartphone make me stupid?

Hello again - I've been absent for a while, dealing with a major life transition (same wife and kids - thank God - but new job, new location, and what feels like a new life).  But enough dust has settled and boxes unpacked to make writing possible.  So here we go: **************************************************** I’m moving… Continue reading Will my smartphone make me stupid?

Saying our prayers, part V – praying in community

(Today I’m adding to a series of posts on the ancient Christian practice of praying the daily office - here are links to part I, part II, part III, and part IV). The ancient practice of praying the daily office was radically ahead of its time, anticipating the transient, mobile world we now inhabit. The… Continue reading Saying our prayers, part V – praying in community

James K.A. Smith on Seeking God’s Face

A few months ago James K.A. Smith (you need that many initials when your last name is Smith), Professor of Philosophy at Calvin College, posted on my book at his blog fors clavigera.  There's a nice symmetry in this because I'm just now reading his important book Desiring The Kingdom.  What I find so lovely is… Continue reading James K.A. Smith on Seeking God’s Face