Listening for joy

What does joy sound like?  For me, so much music reverberates with joy.  Music has to be some audible echoe of the inexpressible joy in God’s heart.  I’d love to hear from you – what music, what band puts a lilt in your step and a smile on your face? 

One blast of joy that I love comes from a Quebec roots group called La Bottine Souriante (means “the smiling boot”).  They’re a fusion of Quebecois folk music with a big brass fluorish (I first heard them at the Calgary Folk Festival – if you haven’t already, you’ve got to check out the festival, a weekend of goodness on Prince’s Island Park).  But about the smiling boot – well, you can’t listen to them without dancing or smiling, my choice house band for a kitchen party.

3 thoughts on “Listening for joy”

  1. The music that gives me the most joy is anything that my daughter sings – she loves music, and sometimes she’ll sing while playing. She has even sung with me a couple times and also sitting in her car seat we’ve caught her with eyes closed, singing her heart out! Most recently, she started singing “Hallelujah” while playing lego…priceless.

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