The joy of …

In 1931 The Joy of Cooking was first published and set off a movement (and publishing boom) of finding joy in the everyday things of life.  Below are real titles of books and blogs about the joy of …

  • Cooking (and do invite me for dinner, except if lima bean casserole is on the menu)
  • Coffee (now we’re talking my joy language)
  • Sex (no more need be said)
  • Pi (seems like this could go on forever)
  • Photography (can’t match the delight of taking a shot and capturing a magical moment)
  • Not working (short term, yes; long term, not so much)
  • Yoga (the names of the poses, alone, should bring a smile to most anyone’s face – everyone now, do the downward-facing dog, transition to the one-legged King pigeon pose and finish with the cow face)
  • Bocce (screams out picnics and beaches)
  • Curling (has to be a Canadian author)
  • Beer (beer is the answer, now what was the question?)
  • Hockey (self-explanatory to most sane people)
  • Pitman shorthand (I remain unconvinced)
  • Keeping chickens (try tell this to Calgary city council)
  • Mathematics (just ask Gerald K. about this)
  • Solving problems (including the riddle of finding joy?)
  • Economics (as long as it’s going to spread joy to everyone)
  • Pregnancy (except for morning sickness, swollen ankles, back pains, and that last little bit)
  • Birth (I thought that was included in the pregnancy thing?)
  • Parenting (true, but there are days when …)
  • Vegan baking (isn’t the joy of baking in the butter?)
  • Scrapbooking (this is a cult, isn’t it?)
  • Doing things badly (anything worth doing is certainly worth doing badly)
  • Chemistry (what’s more fun than blowing up things or creating lava volcanoes)
  • Uncircumcising (I’m not kidding – but don’t think about this one too long)
  • Laziness (we could all learn to live a little more slowly)
  • Breeding your own dog (but don’t let the kids watch)
  • Burnout (I’m not sure I can muster up the energy for this one)
  • Writing (you’re reading this blog post, aren’t you?)
  • Books (the crack of the spine when first opening a book, the texture of the page, the delight of a well-turned phrase, the opening up of an unexplored world – books are just plain good friends)
  • Knitting (but what about all those dropped stitches)
  • Ballooning (I take it this is about the air-born vessels and not gaining weight)
  • Waltzes, tangos and polkas (I prefer Dancing with the Stars)
  • Family camping (the freedom to get dirty, eat outside, pee against a tree, play with fire, get lost in the woods, use a knife, and eat marshmallows at any meal.  But please, hold the mosquitoes)
  • Work (Dilbert’s guide to finding happiness at the expense of your co-workers)
  • Opera (greet someone today in an operatic fashion, let out your inner diva and watch the joy flow)
  • Of not being married (following the wisdom of the apostle Paul who wrote, “But those who marry will face many troubles in this life, and I want to spare you this.”  That’s 1 Cor. 7:28 in case you don’t believe this is actually in the bible)
  • Classical music (can anyone say “Ode to Joy”?)
  • Of not knowing it all (yes, there is joy in not having to be God)

Know of any more titles?  Pass them along.

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5 thoughts on “The joy of …”

  1. Lists! (speaking from personal experience, type A’s find great joy in making them and in crossing things off them)

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