Drenched in joy

Today was one of those perfect summer days in Calgary – sunny, slight breeze blowing, hot enough to seek out some shade but not too hot to be uncomfortable.  After a winter that gets stretched out over three seasons, your body starts aching to feel the warmth of the sun.  And on a sunny summer day, joy tends to flow generously.

Later in the afternoon, the kids exchanged shorts and t-shirts for bathing suits and start romping through the sprinkler.  Then a long line of every sort of container begins to make its way across the lawn – cups, mixing bowls, sand pails, yogurt containers, measuring cups – pretty much anything that might hold water is lined up and filled with water.  The twinkle in Owen and Lily’s eyes is an invitation to the first water fight of the summer. 

After quietly assembling my arsenal of water-balloons, water is flying everywhere and somehow Dad ends up getting the worst/best of it all.  No better way to spend a summer afternoon.

It made me remember the baptism that happened in our church this morning.  The little boy being baptized was very eager to explore and feel the water.  While his dad held him back, he leaned hard towards the water.  I invited him to touch and play with the water which he took full advantage of. starting to splash about in the baptismal bowl and dousing me.  I loved the moment, his eagerness to get into the water a picture of my heart’s desire to be immersed in joy.

It was a good, watery day today, drenched in joy.

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