Fireworks of the heart

I was camping with the family in Banff this weekend.  No shortage of joy there – first of all, there’s not much that can beat Banff pretty much any day.  I love being surrounded by the mountains, encountering various wildlife (we saw deer, elk, and a moose), enjoying the town, hiking, and then simply to see Owen and Lily soak in the outdoors, exploring, touching (sometimes tasting) the physical world around them.

We had our friends Jim and Pearl stop in for an afternoon to hang out with us at our campsite.  The conversation turned to this blog and how I could continue to blog while camping (I wrote a few ahead of time and scheduled them to be released on certain days).  Being yesterday, I mentioned what that day’s blog was about – trying to figure out and better define what joy actually is.  Owen, who was sitting with us, thinks for a moment and then rips off this beautiful articulation of joy: “For me, joy is like fireworks going off inside of me.”

And that has to be one of the finer explanations of joy I’ve heard in a very long time.  Joy, the fireworks of the heart.

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