Kind words for a newbie

As a newbie to the publishing world, finding important people to say nice things about my new book, Seeking God’s Face, is a well-used marketing tactic.  The reality as a rookie author is that I’m an unknown to most people beyond my family, friends and church, and so for the book to find appeal beyond that very limited audience, the trustSeeking God's Faceworthy words of known or important figures is helpful.  So I’ve been seeking out endorsements, mostly from people who don’t know me from Adam – such a risky thing for these authors and leaders, to attach their good name to someone’s work they know little about.  What a good gift they’ve given me in these endorsements – not just kinds words but a generous act.

I’ve got to tell you, it’s a pretty sweet thing when you get a glowing recommendation from someone you really admire (to be honest, I took a little too much delight in some of these endorsements).  But here’s a few of the endorsements I’ve received lately.  Now I’d love yours too!

Seeking God’s Face melds prayer and Scripture into a companionable guide for becoming a participant—both listening and speaking—in the great salvation conversation that is the Christian gospel.” Eugene Peterson, author of The Message

“Inspired in every sense of that word and masterfully compiled, Seeking God’s Face is a prayer book always and everywhere to be treasured.  From our very beginnings, we have understood that fixed daily prayer is just as necessary to the fully realized Christian life as water and food are to the body’s sustenance.  The problem for many Christians – and especially those from Reforemed branches of the faith – has been the lack of prayer tools and prayer books that accord with their communal traditions.  Now, in this one volume, Philip Reinders gives the Church not only a solution to that problem but also a God-drenched prayer tool suitable for all of us.” Phyllis Tickle, Compiler, The Divine Hours and The Words of Jesus – A Gospel of the Sayings of Our Lord.

“Philip Reinders has rendered us all a profound service by preparing this superb guide for prayer.  For all of us who know we are weak in prayer, this volume will train us in habitual practices that lead to delightfully fruitful conversations with God.” Marva J. Dawn, theologian, educator, and author of Keeping the Sabbath Wholly and Being Well When We’re Ill, Teaching Fellow in Spiritual Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, BC

“Phil has significantly lifted the quality of devotional life in putting together in one book important components: the biblical text, worship, prayer and reflection. This is a tool for daily faith-development that I’ve looked for in some years. What an enormous gift. An important book to keep handy for daily devotions. It is one of a kind.” Dr. Brian C. Stiller, Tyndale University College and Seminary

“I have observed the daily office for many years and am always looking for new resources.  Seeking God’s Face is a great addition to my reading list.  Its short, encouraging daily prayers are soothing and uplifting.  Just what I need to get my day started.”  Christine Sine – Executive Director Mustard Seed Associates

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