Quotes on praying the daily office

“In the regularity of the office, the love of Jesus springs up within us, we know not how.”  The Rule of Taize

“The Daily Office stands as the primary means by which the church might make us wakeful and watchful.  It is in this sense an order of vigilance.”  R.R. Reno, In the Ruins of the Church

“On hearing the signal for an hour of prayer, we immediately set aside what we have in hand and go with utmost speed, yet with gravity and without giving occasion for frivolity.  Indeed, nothing is to be preferred to the Word of God.”  The Rule of Saint Benedict

“The features of this daily prayer epitomize the spiritual drama of the Christian life, both in goal and focus, for the ambition to mark each day grows out of a faith in Jesus Christ as the Alpha and Omega.  We are to dwell in him, and to do so each day must be brought captive to Christ.”  R.R. Reno, In the Ruins of the Church

“Say the words of the ancient prayer, and listen for the prayer of God that rises in your heart.”   Edward J. Farrell

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