Good momentum for Seeking God’s Face

Writing a book is a risky act of faith.  You labour for countless hours, rising way too early, working in silence, not knowing if anyone will ever read what you write, let alone embrace it.

Which makes the news of the good reception to my book Seeking God’s Face really sweet (you can buy your first edition copy here while supplies last).  It was released in October and I spoke with the publisher last week and found out that sales are so good there’s a reprint now being planned for January.

And then even better, I’ve been so pleased with the reception its receiving from everyday people and churches.  I know of three churches that are committing to praying the daily office throughout the year as a whole church community.  I’ve spoken with a prison ministry  in the U.S. who wants copies so that the inmates part of his ministry can pray the daily office during the frequent roll call or “count” that’s a daily part of prison life.  And a friend of mine is blogging on the scriptures of Seeking God’s Face – you can read her blog here.

All of which makes me want to keep on writing.

2 thoughts on “Good momentum for Seeking God’s Face”

  1. Glad to hear that it’s going so well! Congrats!
    I’m really enjoying the journey so far. (Surprised to see the link there! Thanks!)
    And thanks for writing Phil! Keep it up.
    I have no doubt that God is using this to bless many.

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