Saying our prayers – on TV

While I have a face for radio, nonetheless, earlier this fall I accepted the invitation to be a part of the Christian TV show called The Bridge on the Alberta based Christian network, The Miracle Channel (thanks Lucretia for getting me on the air).

We taped two episodes of The Bridge that day, focusing on the ancient practice of praying the daily office and how spiritual practices are critical to our spiritual formation.  You can check out the two shows here (look for episodes 82 and 83).

3 thoughts on “Saying our prayers – on TV”

  1. Nicely done Phil. I love this book and am learning much about prayer. Loved that your love for God came through big time.

  2. Phil- awesome!
    Thank you so much for sharing and confirming some things I have been learning here! I haven’t got your book yet but am really looking forward to getting into it when I get back home:)

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