Friday photos – no such thing as bad weather

I’m going contrarian here and confess my love for winter.  Sure, in the moment I’ll gripe and mewl about life inside the deep freeze.  And we’ve had lots to grouse about – it’s March and all week we’ve been in double digit sub-zero weather here in Calgary.  I’ve postponed more ski outings than I cared to because of the inevitable loss of too many brain cells and various digits to hypothermia. We’ve had 110 consecutive days of snow on the ground so far; February has had 30% more snow than average.  And guess what – March is Calgary’s snowiest month!

For a skier, that puts a smile on your face.  Come on, winter is beautiful and invigorating.  It’s for the hardy, adding interesting challenges to basic daily living.  And I love how it slows life down – you don’t get anywhere quickly (other than down a hill).

It’s not going to last.  So along with a few photo’s to enjoy old man winter and his dying, frost-bitten grasp on Calgary, let me offer the best wisdom on the matter: there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

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