29 ways to be what you are

Despite what you might think or have been told, creativity is the inheritance of all – even you.  It’s part of your constitution, made as you are in the likeness of God.  Fashioned to be like him, it is human nature to make things, and what we make need not be tagged as art to be startlingly creative.  I think of a parent whose lump of clay is their own flesh and blood, honouring the unique raw materials of human spirit and genetic disposition in their child to help sculpt a person of dignity.  Some till a garden bringing life out of desolate dirt; others are brilliantly creative with administration, calling order out of chaos; I know of a strategic thinker who can pluck your great idea from the clouds and help it come alive in real time with a clear and creative plan.

For anyone wanting to jack up your creative juices, here’s 29 ways (for me, the very ordinary # 14, 15, and 16 are pretty important; and, of course, # 8 is a given).

4 thoughts on “29 ways to be what you are”

  1. I appreciated this video! My husband Aron and I both nodded our heads at almost every #….

    …Hope you are well!

  2. This is a very inspiring video. Creativity is elusive and easy, work and play, wonderful and difficult, and quick and time consuming. I love creativity. My wife and I talk about creativity in terms of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not a muse, but a spiritual lightning bolt that can hit you and make you run to a notepad or get out of bed to the computer. You write, think and explore and soon good stuff happens.


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