Music for the head and the heart

Betty and I recently attended what may turn out to be our last Calgary Folk Music Festival (cue the tears – we are going to miss this fabulous festival).  We’ve been coming for the past thirteen years and leave Prince’s Island Park every year with a few magical performances in our heart and a handful of new artists to enjoy.

This year was no different, with the highlight for Betty and me being the Seattle indie band The Head and the Heart.  First off, great name!  Who doesn’t want to live the full human experience of emotion and intellect, engaging fully both the head and the heart?  And then their music is plain lovely.  Their concert at the Calgary Folk Music Festival was emblematic of what we love about the whole festival – sun dappled lawn, summer heat, and a memorable performance.  The band was genuinely humble and so appreciative of the audience loving them and their music.

Check them out and give these two videos a look: Lost in my mind and Rivers and Roads (I guarantee that sometime later today you’ll find yourself singing the stick-in-your-head hook/chorus “rivers and roads”).

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