Faith Alive book offer

Being the faithful servant of my publisher, Faith Alive, let me pass along details of a deal they have going on right now.

Faith Alive, the publisher of my book Seeking God’s Face, is holding a give-away of some really fine resources including five free copies of Seeking God’s Face (but, hey, the Kindle Fire would be a sweet thing to have too.  And all the other books it comes loaded with I would highly recommend).  

Of course you know there is no free lunch so here’s the offer – “Sign up for Faith Alive News and get free email updates from Faith Alive about ministry tools that can help you as you live and serve. If you sign up by February 9 you’ll be entered to win a Kindle Fire and other Faith Alive product! Sign up today at or  One winner will receive a Kindle Fire loaded with the eBooks for 150Leaving Egypt, and The Day Metallica Came to Church. In addition, we’ll be giving away 5 copies of Seeking God’s Face.”

You can sign up by clicking on this link 

And if you think this post an author’s crass, brazen, consumeristic self-promotion, well check out this blog post by John Stackhouse on the realities of book publishing and author royalties.  He writes:

And how can I so shamelessly tout my own books? Because the terms of my contracts mean I make virtually no money from their sales. On a twenty-dollar book, I think I make one. It might be a little more or less in each case. I don’t know exactly, because I do know it’s too small to bother remembering. But it’s something like that.

Ever notice how most authors have day jobs? This is why. You have to be selling at the level of the pop star writers to make even a middle-class living. Most of us write because we feel we have been given something helpful to say that we’re excited to share, and low royalties keep us nicely focused.

So knock yourselves out! Get that free shipping! Support good publishers and, if you can, good bookstores! Improve the lives of everyone you know!

Just don’t worry that I’m trying to make myself rich. If I am, I’ve picked a stupid way to do it…


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