Friday photos

One of the upsides of the mobility of pastoral life is you get to enter a variety of new places with eyes wide open, often seeing and appreciating things locals easily pass by.  In both Calgary and Vancouver, our previous homes that are still in our hearts, Betty and I felt like resident tourists and became local experts mostly because we came as newcomers to the places.

That’s what we’re now doing in Toronto, becoming local experts.  Betty is leading the hunt for a family home and knows the neighbourhoods of the city in detail.  One of the most visible parts of the Toronto cityscape is spire of the CN Tower, jutting above everything else.  This past week I was enjoying a walk along Front St. (you would not believe what a glorious week it was in Toronto) and saw the CN Tower not so much standing above it all but nicely framed by another nearby building.

And like a good tourist, gawking upward, I grabbed the camera (actually my phone) and snapped this photo.

2 thoughts on “Friday photos”

  1. Wow! What an awesome view!! Our Calgary weather is pretty good as well but not as hot as Toronto…

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