Friday photos

Can you find a purer piece of Canadiana than Maple Syrup, nectar of the great white northern gods (ok, and parts of the the Northern US too).

If all you use this springtime elxir for is on top of pancakes, you are missing a world of culinary delight: dipping sauce for bacon, combine with soy sauce for a fabulous salmon marinade, mix with butter to top off a squash that will melt your heart, stir into your morning oatmeal, fold it into vanilla ice cream, splash it onto your baked beans, mix it with a salad vinaigrette, the ultimate topping for elf spaghetti, or just straight up shots.  And, to boot, its good for you, nature’s best sweetener.

A few photos from a nearby maple sugar festival.

nectar of the canadian godswait for ittapping the treesmaple syrupIMG_4714

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