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I’m convinced you best know about someone by knowing their loves.  Know my heart and you know me.  I love being a husband to Betty and dad to my kids.  I love the gospel and God.  I love fine wine and movies, great coffee and even better books.  I love words, the beauty of a well-turned phrase and how well-chosen words combine into sentences that shine and somehow carry the freight of truth.  I love being a pastor (most of the time).  I love exploring how a Jesus-life gets lived out in the everyday world we live in.  I love photography and the “aha” moment of seeing things in new ways.  And that’s just a beginning.

Phil Reinders

11 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Phil,

    If you are ever in the Vancouver area and would be willing to lead Nelson Ave in a prayer retreat (a weekend or even leading us for an evening), let me know.

    Grace and peace,

    Jo Jo Schouten

  2. Phil
    Your About Me.
    Reminds me of your introducing us to Starbucks in Kits.
    Reminds me of having many meals with you and Betty.
    Good times

  3. Hi Phil,
    My name is Ron VandenBurg. We met at Calvin College and knew each other for a time. I heard your sermon at Jubilee CRC on Sunday and then spent some time here on the blog to get to know you better. I have read your articles in the Banner and Reformed Worship (right?). The words “prayer”, “reflection” and “silence” come to mind when I think back to these articles. I have a great appreciation for how you connected scripture and culture in personal and clear ways. My wife Rachel too thought that you could be someone that could help us grow spiritually. Unfortunately my children couldn’t be a part of the service. My oldest daughter was doing a service project in Toronto. My son was in the nursery, and my other daughter was helping in Sunday School. They all had a good connection to our last pastor, so my wife and I hope that you might come again for a visit so that they could hear you too.

    Thank you for your words on Sunday. I’ll walk with them a bit this week. I hope we can meet again.


  4. Philip, probably not the right forum, forgive me, but I’ll go anyway. I’ve been using Seeking God’s Face for several months as a prayer tool in the morning – excellent. Thank you. Word drenched devotionals that lead us into prayer such as yours are rare. Question: any plans of publishing using other Bible translation versions – NIV or ESV ? I do thank the Lord for this devotional, consider yourself used by God.

    1. John – thanks so much for this and thrilled that you’re being nourished through this. You’ve named exactly what I was hoping for, a devotional that gets people immersed in Scripture, praying scripture. With the end of the TNIV, there has been some discussion about other translations, but nothing on the immediate horizon. You might touch base with the publisher, Faith Alive, to put in your thoughts/ideas about this. Thanks again, Phil.

  5. Hi Phil,

    My name is Kendra Crighton and I am a journalist for the Calgary Journal. Currently I am doing a story on the Marda Loop Jusitce Film Festival and I know you were working with the church where the festival was first held.

    I was wondering if you could help answer some questions I had

    If you could email me a kcrighton@cjournal.ca to discuss setting up a time that would be very helpful.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

  6. Hi Pastor Phil…..not sure how often you check this or when you’ll see it but I wanted to thank you for your sermon yesterday, Sept 25/16 on the man whom Jesus found in a frenzy of despair (from Mark 5). I feel like your words and the meditations of your heart to prepare for that sermon where so God-honouring. As we read the passage before the sermon the part that hit me was how broken and full of self loathing that man was. He cut himself – like people do today to feel physical pain that supercedes all the emotional hurting. He felt judged and threatened by Jesus when he first encountered him – at least I think that by the words he said – yet as you pointed out he fell on his knees before Jesus too. I wanted to tell someone my thoughts and the first thing you did was give us a chance to speak to the person beside us. Thank you! Then you lead us through that passage and spoke truth about our own brokenness and healing about God’s power to transcend brokenness and bring wholeness. Thank you! I have a friend at my own church in midtown Toronto who is a new Christian. She is SO HUNGRY for God’s word that she gobbles it up. I wished she was there too to hear it because you made scripture come alive and the scene between a broken person and a loving saviour take real shape before the eyes of our hearts. Thank you! Thank you for taking up the call to be a pastor and speak God’s truth into people’s lives. I wonder if you get thanked enough? Your calling is a huge responsibility and a privilege and I’m so thankful that God has placed you where you are near U of T and the community of students who come to be fed living words. It thrilled my heart to see more and more chairs put our last night for those who came hungry. It thrilled me even more that they went away fed and hungry to find out more. Keep on doing what you are doing and carefully crafting the words and pouring over scripture and praying for God to speak through you. He did. He does. He will keep on doing it.
    Thank you for speaking into the lives of my kids. You’ve discipled them and guided them and I’m so so thankful and grateful. Have I said it enough times yet? Thank you! God is making you a blessing to many and a challenge.
    Marilyn Fuller

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