Synod glee

I’m sitting here on the floor of Synod (metaphorically speaking – I’m actually I’m sitting on a chair), right at the front of the podium, so close I’m likely to get spit on by the President of Synod (you can check out the webcast at  There’s a massive pipe organ that rises up and looms over me.  Once that thing kicks into gear we’re all going to be blown away.

A few things I’ve packed to keep joy at the forefront:

The intent to enjoy lots of conversations with old friends, make some new ones along the way – and take in as many “Canadian bible studies” (a euphemism for trip to the pub) as possible.

Reading (in addition to the massive tome of the Agenda of Synod): Charles Williams’ Descent into Hell (I have wanted to read this for sometime and the irony of the title was too good to pass up)

Ipod – synced up and stocked with K’Naan’s Wavin’ Flag, La Bottine Souriante, and lots of U2.

Attitude: a “trust first” posture and a dogged determination to not take myself too seriously.

Sunday plans: one full day away from the strange bubble of Synod, out on the town in Chicago with brother-in-law Bill.

1 thought on “Synod glee”

  1. Sorry they don’t have enough chairs for everyone, but at least you got a good spot right next to the podium! Charles Williams *Descent Into Hell* is such an amazing book–right up there at the top of my list of favorites.

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