Murphy's law and joy

So often I count on finding joy through my circumstances – but you know where that ends up?  If I’m waiting for a sunny-side up, trouble free day, well, I’ll come to the end of my life a curdled old sour puss because, as Jesus says, each day has enough troubles of its own.

Here’s good wisdom from Mike Mason’s Champagne for the Soul on discovering joy no matter how much your day might be subject to Murphy’s law:

“The one prerequisite for happiness is the acceptance of whatever is.  Am I overtired? Fine.  Sick?  Very well then.  Unemployed? Okay, I’ll work with that.  To accept what is doesn’t mean I do not try to change what is.  All change, however, begins with acceptance.  I cannot change or heal what I do not acknowledge.”

2 thoughts on “Murphy's law and joy”

  1. Just what I need tonight, Phil. I’m sitting in a Toronto hotel, having just arrived for three days of meetings on a make-it-or-break-it topic. Sure enjoyed reading through your previous entries. Mason’s 90 day experiment on joy is something I should do more often–like every three months or so.

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